About us:

We believe that good food should also be good for the planet and all of its inhabitants. By harnessing the power of plants, we are creating delicious and affordable substitutes to animal products that use a fraction of the resources, allowing us to feed more people with less. We are an early stage biotech startup focused on transforming plants into efficient bioreactors for producing protein. We offer passionate and ambitious scientists an opportunity to put their knowledge to work and solve some of humanity’s most pressing problems.

Duties & Responsibilities:

We are seeking an experienced and highly motivated scientist to head our biochemistry team. The ideal candidate will have expertise in protein purification and characterization, experience working on a food product, generating FDA data and working in a cross-functional team. This is a hands on position that requires bench work. 

Protein purification

  • Design, plan, and execute the purification / recovery operations required for the production of various recombinant proteins from plants. These include development of scalable purification processes for recombinant proteins (soluble, membrane-embedded) using broad range of fractionation methods (centrifugation, ultra / diafiltration, etc.), and chromatographic techniques (affinity, ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, immobilized metal, and mixed mode chromatography).
  • Develop, optimize, and scale-up recovery/purification processes for isolation of recombinant protein
  • Collaborate with the molecular design team and provide valuable feedback and insight in particular regarding protein folding, expression level, and subcellular localization
  • Offer insights based on experience to group members to help solve existing problems
  • Plan and prioritize related recovery / purification activities
  • Independently analyze, interpret, and provide conclusion and present experimental data
  • Generate patent data 
  • Receive and analyse mass spec and proteomics data
  • Organize, handle, interpret large data sets

In this position, you will also have the opportunity to build and lead our biochemistry team: 

  • Work closely with CROs to clearly define the scope of work and successfully deliver outsourced experiments 
  • Create plans and budgets for growing the biochemistry team 
  • Recruit other scientists to the biochemistry team 
  • Lead / direct junior colleagues within the group and facilitate planning activities to complete assigned tasks

Education & Experience:

PhD in Biochemistry, or related discipline with at least 5 years of relevant industry experience



  • A strong background in protein biochemistry, biophysics, and separation techniques 
  • Knowledge and ability to independently design, plan, and execute purification / recovery activities
  • Independently analyze and provide conclusions regarding experimental data generated
  • Experience isolating/purifying proteins from plant systems (highly preferred but not required) 


  • Comfortable with frequent and open communication
  • Comfortable working with outsourcing facilities and managing other people’s technical work
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills, and proven ability to function well in a matrix organization pursuing team objectives
  • Aware of key R&D activities in the sector through literature review and industry/academic networking
  • Desire to lead a department & grow a team

Other criteria: 

  • Comfortable with working long hours and weekends when needed
  • Enthusiasm for Alpine's mission of creating animal-free food

Skills in the following areas are a plus: 

Food science

  • Testing protein-protein interactions between transgenic and native proteins
  • Conducting biophysical research to understand the effects of protease and enzymes during food processing
  • Working on creating less allergic versions of protein   


  • Generating required data for FDA GRAS approval
  • Being the technical liaison between the company and the FDA on matters related to protein safety